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Corporate Governance

Articles of Association

The Company’s Articles of Association are available here for download.

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Code of ethics

It is the policy of Hybrid Software Group to manage and operate worldwide business activities in conformity with applicable laws and regulations as well as with the highest ethical standards.

Both the Company’s Board of Directors and executive management are determined to comply fully with the applicable law and regulations, and to maintain the Company’s reputation for integrity and fairness in business dealings with third parties.

A strict compliance with the provisions of this Code of Ethics is mandatory for every member of the Company’s Board, Executive Officers, every Senior Executive and every Company employee at all Company locations.

All employees, Senior Executives, Executive Officers and Directors of the Company are expected to adhere to all ethical and legal standards as outlined in this Code of Ethics and to preserve the Company’s integrity and reputation.

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Dealing code

The purpose of the Dealing Code is to ensure that the members of the Board of Directors of Hybrid Software Group PLC (the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), the Group’s senior executives, as well as the Group’s relevant employees and all persons connected with them, do not abuse, do not place themselves under suspicion of abusing, and maintain the confidentiality of, price-sensitive information that they may, or may be thought to, have access to, notably in periods prior to an announcement of interim or year-end financial results by the Company.

The same also applies to Relevant Third Parties whom, through their specific relationship with the Group, may also have access to such price-sensitive information.

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Charter for the Board of Directors

The Charter for the Board of Directors is available here for download.

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