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HYBRID Software acquisition

  1. Press release issued on 10 December 2020
  2. Notice of General Meeting on 8 January 2021
  3. Recording of the shareholder Q & A conference call held on 14 December 2020
  4. Slide deck presented during the shareholder Q & A conference call on 14 December 2020
  5. Questions from shareholders with answers from Global Graphics PLC (updated 4 January 2021)
  6. Explainer – Global Graphics valuation (updated 31 December 2020)
  7. Valuation report – prepared by Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions, LLC. in November 2020
    Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions has given its consent to share this report. Certain commercially sensitive information has been redacted for the protection of Global Graphics and its shareholders.
  8. Recording of the second shareholder Q & A conference call held on 6 January 2021
  9. Slide deck presented during the second shareholder Q & A conference call on 6 January 2021
  10. Press release issued on 28 December 2022
    1. English - Hybrid Software Group announces approval of prospectus for acquisition of HYBRID Software and admission of consideration shares for trading
    2. Dutch - Hybrid Software Group kondigt goedkeuring van prospectus en toelating van aandelen voor openbare handel aan volgend op de overname van HYBRID Software
    3. French - Hybrid Software Group annonce l’approbation du prospectus pour l’acquisition de HYBRID Software et l’admission d’actions à la négociation
  11. Prospectus
    1. English - Listing and admission to trading on Euronext Brussels of 21,074,030 shares
    2. Dutch - Samenvatting van de prospectus
    3. French - Résumé de prospectus